Attic Insulation Restoration

This is not a job for a DIY homeowner. Leave it to the professionals.
Have animals like squirrels, raccoons, mice, and other varmints in your attic? If so, then most likely the animal has created significant damage to your insulation and left a big mess. Not to mention leaving their feces and urine everywhere. Feces and urine can stink up your house, can cause staining of your ceilings and walls, and can be a fertile place for mold growth. The animal’s nesting materials may contain parasites such as fleas and mites that may make their way into the interior of your home. Even if you don’t smell the odor, the odor will attract other animals too – yikes double trouble! PestNow takes care of all of this, removes animal feces and urine, repairs the holes where the animal entered your house (can remove the animal too), replaces your attic insulation, and restores your attic back to new. Then you can rest easy to know it’s taken care of.

Need new insulation in your attic?
PestNow can handle this too. Over time your attic insulation can deteriorate and your home will loose its insultation “R” rating which can cause an increase in your heating and cooling bills. Contact PestNow for a quote to reinsulate your attic and crawl spaces.

Pest Now remove mice from your house
Pest Now remove and replace attic insulation