Ten Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ants

Ok, you have seen an ant, another one and there, just in the kitchen you have spotted a whole lot of them. What should you do? Call the exterminators, right? Hold your horses; you might be able to deal with this issue yourself. You can use the following home remedies […] Read more »

Have you ever been stung by a hornet?

Do you know of someone that is allergic to bees, wasps or hornets? Have you ever been stung by a hornet? Hornet stings are more painful than typical wasp stings because hornet has stronger venom and can sting multiple times. People who are allergic to wasp venom are also allergic […] Read more »

Mosquito larva grow

I hope you don’t have any mosquitoes this summer. They can ruin a great time enjoying your backyard. I wanted to let you know that mosquito larva grow in standing water. So, look around your property to see if you have any standing water in a bucket, a puddle, a […] Read more »

Be aware of TICKS

Here’s a tick compared to the size of a penny. If you’ve had ticks before you know they are very hard to locate. They like to crawl and find a spot where the skin is tender and then feast on you. They can spread disease and if you don’t remove […] Read more »

How to Spot Termites

Termites are the uninvited guests that come to your house and damage your beloved property without you knowing about it in time. These tiny parasites feed off of the walls, furniture and the roof of your house and leave behind a nasty trail of feces and other dead termites. What’s […] Read more »