Q: Do you have a customer satisfaction or refund policy?
A: If you are not fully satisfied we will return at no additional charge. If you still are not satisfied we will refund the cost of that treatment.Are you insured? Yes! We carry full liability insurance and insurance umbrella policies.

Q: Is treatment harmful to pets?
A: Pesticides can be harmful to pets if misapplied. Use of pesticides strictly follows all federal label guidelines that provide for a wide margin of safety. The technician will explain proper handling of pets as a precaution before making an application.

Q: How long are your service visits?
A: Service time at each site varies according to the pest, whether this is a first service visit or part of an ongoing service schedule. Generally, residential service calls are about sixty minutes.

Q: Do you offer a service maintenance agreement?
A: Yes, we offer many different maintenance programs. They vary from monthly service to quarterly services depending upon the pest problem.

Q: If I have a pest problem after you provide treatment, will you come back?
A: We try to respond to service issues within 24 hours or less. Simply call our office and we will reschedule a return visit.

Q: How long do treatments last?
A: Longevity of treatments is directly affected by exposure to sunlight, water and other factors. Generally, you can expect most treatments to last about 30 days or more.

Q: What makes you different from other pest control services?
A: Absolute Pest Control, Inc. spends a lot of time screening and interviewing its job applicants to ensure that our customers are being serviced by top-quality personnel.

Q: What is your standard warranty?
A: Do you offer any guarantees? We guarantee our services for up to thirty days after a treatment. Termite warranties are longer, depending on the product & service offered. Of course, this does not apply in instances where poor sanitation or obvious structural defects are supporting the pest problem.

Q: How soon can I water after your visit?
A: Exterior pest control treatments will not be adversely affected by watering.

Q: What are your qualifications?
A: Have you been professionally trained or certified? Absolute Pest Control, Inc. has been in business since 2000 and carries licenses and certification for all categories covering the pest management business.

Q: If I do not see any pests can I skip a service?
A: The reason you are not seeing pests is because of your ongoing pest control services. Our programs allow for varying service schedules.