Mosquitoes Mist Blower – does it really work?

10348389_744082785707973_8605394017119466998_nThis winter I could just imagine having a good time grilling out with my family this summer but then I thought…oh no…those pesky mosquitoes. I mean really, how can anyone enjoy being outside with mosquitoes eating them up while trying to have a good time. Are you feeling the itch already?
Well, we’ve got the answer…this year were using a mist blower to get rid of mosquitoes for good. Does mist blowing really work? Logically you would think that a mist blower is to kill mosquitoes in the air. Mosquitoes actually have to land somewhere before flying to bite you. Mist blowing also uses less chemical than conventional sprays. It lets out micro beads of chemical that kills mosquitoes on the ground, in bushes and plants. So, give me a call so you can enjoy the great outdoors this summer.