Ten Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ants

Ok, you have seen an ant, another one and there, just in the kitchen you have spotted a whole lot of them. What should you do? Call the exterminators, right? Hold your horses; you might be able to deal with this issue yourself.
You can use the following home remedies to get rid of ants; however, you must target the ants’ nests. These can be found in the crevices of your home, if you have a garden then there is a big possibility you will find one there. If you are not sure, then bait the ants. Put some food in a warm area, and wait for them to follow the scent; it will do the trick. Once you have found their nest, you are ready to deal with them.
1. Vinegar
Just mix equal parts water and vinegar in a nozzle spray can and spray this solution on the nest for two weeks. You can also mop various surfaces, such as kitchen counters and floors using this combination for an ant-free zone.
2. Lemon
Lemons and their peels can be just as effective if not more in getting rid of these bugs. Spray or rub lemon juice directly on to all the entrances (doors and windows) and onto the nest and voila, your space will be bug free and smelling great at the same time.
3. Black Peppers and Cloves
Scatter a few black peppers and cloves in your kitchen cabinets, near your entrance and wherever you notice ants crawling around. This remedy works best as a preventive measure after you have cleared the nest.
4. Chalk
Draw lines around your doorways and around your garden paths with a chalk and you will see that ants will stay away from your home. You can also crush a few pieces of chalk and spread them around, especially near garbage areas.
5. Talcum Powder
Sprinkle some talcum powder around key entry points till you have found and dealt with the infestation. Sweep the talc away after the nest is destroyed.
6. Salt
Use it the same way as the talcum powder and you won’t be bothered with ants for a long time.
7. Essential Oil (Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lemon or Clove)
Dab a cotton ball with one of these oils and wipe away all key entrances to make your home ant proof. Do this every second or third day for two weeks at least.
8. Flour
You are out of chalk then flour will do the trick. Just draw lines by sprinkling flour inside your cabinets and your main entrance.
9. Orange Peels
You can scatter the peels around your kitchen or puree the orange peels in a blender and pour this mixture onto the infestation to wipe them out.
10. Baking Soda and Sugar
You can’t go wrong with this remedy; sugar attracts ants while the baking powder kills them. Put this mixture on small containers around your home for a week or two to see visible results.
If you don’t have time to go around looking for nests and making combos to get rid of them, then call in the exterminators and let them handle this for you. Save yourself the hassle and let these pros take care of the bug problem for you.