Termite Damage and How to Fix It

Hand of a carpenter pointing at a wood plank destroyed by termites.

Discovering termites in your home can be a very distressful experience, especially if you discover an infestation in full swing. These tiny critters can consume the insides of your house and make the structures hollow. It is vital to immediately look for how much damage they have done as soon as you discover their presence. Many people find out about the termites living in their house after they have already done a substantial amount of damage. That’s because people do not know how to differentiate between termites and ants. To a layperson’s eye, they do look similar unless you are a professional educated to identify the insects. The type of damage control you employ highly depends on the level of your termite infestation. Consider yourself lucky if you discover it in the earlier stages. Before these pests reach the core of your structures, you can choose to employ some home remedies. Termites usually move towards areas with moisture in them. Therefore, it only makes sense to harden that area. You can also identify them through the occasional termite trail. Use wood hardeners to treat wooden structures. There are various wood hardeners that you can choose based on the type of wood you have. Another option is using wood sealers. This product is good at cutting off the oxygen supply and killing termites within a few days.

If the termites have made a home in your wooden structure, you will be able to see clear signs of their presence. You may be able to see the termite trail in irregular patterns. If this is all you see, then it means that you still have time. But if you leave it any longer, the infestation may become deep rooted and get out of your hands. Before that happens, chisel the infested area and make it smooth by sanding it. Next, use wood fillers to strengthen the site and polish the area to top it all off. You need to take special care of these sights during wets seasons and make sure that they do no soak up moisture. Otherwise, you risk the infestation developing all over again. When you see that the problem has gotten out of your hands, you need to call in the professionals. You can identify it through the holes in the wooden surface and a hollow sound from the object. The professionals will remove the damaged parts which may include undoing wires and plumbing in the infested spots. They will scrap the inside of the wood and use special wood-strengthening products in places where they think is necessary. There is nothing wrong if you want to take on the repair-work yourself and you are confident that you can do it without causing further damage, but do not try to fix the infestation with home remedies alone. The whole experience could end up like fixing a crack in the wall with a band-aid. It is very important that you call in the professionals as soon as you suspect that these creatures have made your home, their home. The experts may employ termiticide or bait traps to get rid of these insects. The pest control sprays termiticide in different areas of your house to kill termites. The chemicals in the trap affect the termite that fed on it as well as the termites that come in contact with this termite later.

You can deflect termite damage before it happens by using borate. Building home with this material can help keep the termites away. It can’t deal with an entire infestation but can control it to some extent. Request an examination before the problem becomes worse and costs much more in repairs than in dealing with the infestation.