July 23, 2018
Dear Mr Taub,
Just a token gift to say thank you for doing the termite inspection. I really appreciate you crawling under my old house in the heat and your honesty. I hope yo have a great day and may God Bless!
Thank you again,

June 15, 2017
Had a terrible mosquito problem. Couldn’t spend any time outside without getting ate up by the little vampires. Called Absolute Pest Control and after a quick spray around my property I have been able to enjoy spending time outside again. I have seen only one mosquito so far. If you have a problem with Mosquito’s I highly recommend Absolute Pest Control, give Gary a call and he will take care of you. Chris

September 22, 2017
Great service! Would def recommend his service to anyone in the area! Crissy

October 2015
Once again, Gary was awesome. He was doing my neighbor’s house tonight, and I realized I’d forgotten to call him. I asked if he had time to treat my house, and he said “Sure, I’ll be over in a few minutes”. As always, he did a thorough job inside and out of the house. David

September 2015
Thank you Gary for our rescue from hornets! Not 1 spotted since you came:-) Hollie

August 2015
Thank you, Gary, for helping us with our carpenter ants! You showed so much patience with all my kids and their questions! Service above and beyond the call of duty! Stephanie

August 2014
Gary, “Thank you so much for coming by my house to spray for our black beetles or whatever, on such short notice.” Thank you, Sincerely Susan

April 2014
Gary, “Thank you so much for coming early. It gave me time to get to my daughter’s softball game. We Won! Enjoy Spring.” Julie